Delhi 2015 AAP

The results achieved by AAP in Delhi elections are mind boggling to say the least. There are not many instances in parliamentary democracies where a single party has achieved more that 96% of electoral battles.

But this absolute majority though stunning comes with a heavy expectations. The problems he faces in Delhi are gargantuan, inherent and systematic. There is a high percentage illiterates, people riddled with disease burden, gender inequality, unskilled labour etc. There is also the demographic challenge of vast army of young adults who flock to the metropolis in search of livelihood.

What Kejriwal will face is sea of expectations and a bureaucratic system where  corruption is rift. His electoral would not be satisfied, there would be some internal revolts. He would fail and in cases proved wrong. If only Arvind can accept this failures and focus on corruption and providing civic services, victory would be his.

If he can just achieve this, tame the bureaucracy and ensure that his MLA’s follow the  original vision. Delhi and in turn india would finally make their tryst with destiny, 70 years after independence.



A letter to my fellow muslims.

The front cover of the “survivors” edition of Charlie Hebdo will have Muhammad holding “Je suis Charlie” with the text “All is forgotten”.

What are they trying to achieve. Are they really going to write it off by publishing a image of Mohammaded shedding a tear. Are they trying to provoke or embrace. Who wins free, the speech laced western world, or the hate speech crying muslims.

This article for the silent majority who are uncomfortable with the idea of not getting pissed. It is just a reassurance that it is ok to be a muslim and feel comfortable with the image of Mohammed and not get high Blood pressure. And when you see a image of Mohammed and your blood does not boil. It is ok. There are many of us.

By not supporting violent methods and not letting our passions run wild, we are in no way a lesser muslim, Infact we just understand the finer distinctions of civility. We are the rationlaists, we are the champions of reason, we are the ones who wont get influenced by wahabism, and we are the ones who are aware of our sufi past and ones who are not narrow minded to say that there is only one path.

We should understand, that free speech and personal freedom is what the western world is based upon. It is the sum of all things which we admire and always wistfull of their absence back home. People may say anything, but we know.


Have noticed time, that after a long lull when you want to blog again, you start seeing sentences in every talk, tv show, new article absolutely everything, neglect people and linger to that one word which would become an partial sentence in your prose, develop a certain sense of ownerships of works of Dostoevsky and Coelho’s.

I am currently noticing all these symptoms, and this dewalies Sawariyya and Om shanti om, only aggravated those feeling further.

Retro nation.

Most of the times we are so busy with our lifes, and everything around us, the roads, music, relationships evolves so discreetly. Near past blurs into current and future and we are left with no measure of our childhoon. All we have is hazy memories.

Until we come across some like this

and the perspective between contemporary and retro clears up.

The confession of the native.

I have nothing to write, this statement is a generalization which I make. I make this up to stop cursing myself for notblogging. Infact the truth is quite opposite.

So why did i say i have nothing to write, i am lying, i just lied that i had nothing to blog, i just wrote, coaxed myself to write these few lines, lies and my nirvana.

damm good lier I am. dammer bloggie me.

Cricket control India

It was amusing,  the vien which commentators took in our recent loss against Australia. None said anything about the paucity of runs on board. The way Austalia was controlling the flow of that match. Even 350 didn’t seem outside their grasp. There was a verve in their gait as wodehouse might have put and dejection and despodancy was written largely over Indian time.

Cricket is  a stage and players are not just performing, they dont seem to care for us, the Indian audiance. Contemptous I may add. So I say it is the time for the people to prevent the rot in the system. We the people who matter should take the the destiny of Indian team in our hands, why dont we sms or vote the cricket team to play.

I am not proposing complete control on the final playing eleven. BCCI can select a pool of 25 players out of which 16 would be selected via sms. The body which overseas this can be called CCI, a private venture company.

I would add the various ramfications later.