Delhi 2015 AAP

The results achieved by AAP in Delhi elections are mind boggling to say the least. There are not many instances in parliamentary democracies where a single party has achieved more that 96% of electoral battles.

But this absolute majority though stunning comes with a heavy expectations. The problems he faces in Delhi are gargantuan, inherent and systematic. There is a high percentage illiterates, people riddled with disease burden, gender inequality, unskilled labour etc. There is also the demographic challenge of vast army of young adults who flock to the metropolis in search of livelihood.

What Kejriwal will face is sea of expectations and a bureaucratic system where  corruption is rift. His electoral would not be satisfied, there would be some internal revolts. He would fail and in cases proved wrong. If only Arvind can accept this failures and focus on corruption and providing civic services, victory would be his.

If he can just achieve this, tame the bureaucracy and ensure that his MLA’s follow the  original vision. Delhi and in turn india would finally make their tryst with destiny, 70 years after independence.