A letter to my fellow muslims.

The front cover of the “survivors” edition of Charlie Hebdo will have Muhammad holding “Je suis Charlie” with the text “All is forgotten”.

What are they trying to achieve. Are they really going to write it off by publishing a image of Mohammaded shedding a tear. Are they trying to provoke or embrace. Who wins free, the speech laced western world, or the hate speech crying muslims.

This article for the silent majority who are uncomfortable with the idea of not getting pissed. It is just a reassurance that it is ok to be a muslim and feel comfortable with the image of Mohammed and not get high Blood pressure. And when you see a image of Mohammed and your blood does not boil. It is ok. There are many of us.

By not supporting violent methods and not letting our passions run wild, we are in no way a lesser muslim, Infact we just understand the finer distinctions of civility. We are the rationlaists, we are the champions of reason, we are the ones who wont get influenced by wahabism, and we are the ones who are aware of our sufi past and ones who are not narrow minded to say that there is only one path.

We should understand, that free speech and personal freedom is what the western world is based upon. It is the sum of all things which we admire and always wistfull of their absence back home. People may say anything, but we know.


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