Retro nation.

Most of the times we are so busy with our lifes, and everything around us, the roads, music, relationships evolves so discreetly. Near past blurs into current and future and we are left with no measure of our childhoon. All we have is hazy memories.

Until we come across some like this

and the perspective between contemporary and retro clears up.


Charity Simple and easy.

As tough as “Charity begins at home” is unapt or at least unapplicable or not needed for most of guys around. Charity loses and hence gets tough!!? Disposal of clothes lends itself to a very comfortable charitable vocation. Most of us would have a hoarde of used clothes accumulating and don’t know what to do. Please look around for an old age home or any center for challenged.

I finally nudged by a roomie, Anand found a center, where visually challenged kids are taken care.

“Rukum school and Orphanage for blind — Indiranagar.”,

The center means business and you can as well donate clothes anonymously, just drop through counters cut in the walls.

Though my fantasy of crossing across Aishwarya was left unfulfilled, I felt good.

Finally, though they don’t have a net presence, they are simple to find just head straight Chinmaya mission in indiranagar and ask anybody.


The confession of the native.

I have nothing to write, this statement is a generalization which I make. I make this up to stop cursing myself for notblogging. Infact the truth is quite opposite.

So why did i say i have nothing to write, i am lying, i just lied that i had nothing to blog, i just wrote, coaxed myself to write these few lines, lies and my nirvana.

damm good lier I am. dammer bloggie me.