Cricket control India

It was amusing,  the vien which commentators took in our recent loss against Australia. None said anything about the paucity of runs on board. The way Austalia was controlling the flow of that match. Even 350 didn’t seem outside their grasp. There was a verve in their gait as wodehouse might have put and dejection and despodancy was written largely over Indian time.

Cricket is  a stage and players are not just performing, they dont seem to care for us, the Indian audiance. Contemptous I may add. So I say it is the time for the people to prevent the rot in the system. We the people who matter should take the the destiny of Indian team in our hands, why dont we sms or vote the cricket team to play.

I am not proposing complete control on the final playing eleven. BCCI can select a pool of 25 players out of which 16 would be selected via sms. The body which overseas this can be called CCI, a private venture company.

I would add the various ramfications later.


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