Domains of the native.

It has been long time sinse my last post. The reason for the long lull could have been deadth, but as I am turn up to post once more you can be assured that I am not dead and alive.

My deadth can be matter for a long analysis, for that matter anyones demise can be.  We can talk of it later for now the time is for the planets deadth.

Is it deadth, can the planet die, it would just one day after the human species pisses it off really bad, stop sustaining us. We know this all dont we, global warming and the ozone layer.  We would just go till the tipping point and turn around just before the moment mother earth is going to get really pissed, we would start acting  good.

Thats exactly was  what my plan was. I was watching all around the world and I am worried now, for the calculation on which are using to postpone our “good-boy” act may not be reliable. We are not taking everything into consideration.

There is something called methane which is locked into the siberain permafrost. Global warming is thawing the permaforst, which frees up more methane which in turns thaws even more perma. In Saudi Arabia, there is some sort of crust over the loose sands,  the heavy american war machinary, which is roming that place, had broken in many places, and much of kuwait and saudi cities may be overrun by sands. And none here in the real world has “dragger of time/sand” to stop the loose sands.

The Earth it is seems is a very caprious lady, it is unleashing a sort of domino effect and if we dont get our act now. things would turn up really bad. Siberain permafrost and Saudi Arabian Sand crust are just some very visbile messing up of earth. There are some deeps rock cavities which uncle sam is using as oil reservoris. Then the dams and oil slicks, we are really pissing her of. Time for action.

[to be edited]


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