Hangmans Curse

Afzal Guru, convited in failed attack on parlament, enraged the State of India. Had he succeeded the situation right now would have been very complex. Terrorists rotinely barter their comrades for kidnapped civilians and relatives of people in power. And in this case with this many of our lawmakers hostage, JKLF/Mujahadeen’s would have a wanted nothing less than Jamhoori-e-Kashmir in return. Rich stuff for a subcontinetal potboiler. I will care not much.

But in hot news today is Rahul Mahajans foray into politics. He would bait for Afzal blood and with that blood purge his sins. So the question here is, what does the average R.M, our gali ka, non- cork snotting kinda guy think of Capital punishment. Does he bet Indias security scene would improve with few souls freed from the chains of life. I think he shouldn`t.

When I was a kid, i read this story of this some poor chinese guy who was wrongly accussed of being a traitor and executed. After his deadth his blood spread into some funny characters vindicating his innocence. It was at an illogical age that time, and was I then illogically against Death Penality.

Now I am aware that it takes more than 20 minutes for of pain for death to occur in case of hanging. People just dont die as fast as they do in movies. Death is painfull, the hanging way. Killing by any other way might be fast and sharp, you may sa. But you still wont convince why should somebody die.

Afzal did a very bad badish kind of thing, or maybe he was just smart. He used India as staging ground to wage a war against India. He being smart/heroic/baddish is just a same view from different points of referance. Snuffing his light out wont achieve anything. But this again is an entirely differnt picture which I wont want to explore now.

What I talk here, is my angst at Captail punishment and I sure the hangman would agree that it is wrong


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