President for a change.

Everybody is looking for a change in job but none speaks openly. The most rapid growing blog this week on wordpress is bhuvana’s, which is what software engineers are looking in internet for.

What secrets does the President want to take to his grave.



Aflafa for sale.

Gujarat Fluorochemicals hopes to generate 4-6 million carbon credits annually from early next year, and has a deal to sell them to the Netherlands and a Japanese firm. Its shares have soared 13 fold in slightly more than a year, to 1,982 rupees. In short it makes more and more profit by making it machines generate less and less of floro carbons they can produce.

This is a serious matter (:-for if not from GF we need to our share of environmental hazardous florocarbons from anywhere. And the Japs or Yankees wont sell us for anything cheaper.

On a side note, is this something like farmsubsadies, where the guy in catch-22 you can get more and more money to grow to less and less of aflafa. And people start buying more land to not grow aflafa.