I belong

The title is infact has nothing to do with the post, it does not need to.

This blog would be a place where i can write crap, I think blogs create personalities of their own. I find my old blog tough to mould. It is for stories and i cant defiile it with crap, the day to day happenigs and diseases, which i want to blog and couldn`t. I needed one virgin, to say a new born, to say something mallable like wet clay.(finally sounds right)

WordPress is easy, no profiles to create, infact it pleasently suprised me. i wanted a profile free blog and i accidently bump into one.

This blog would be about places, films, politics, porn, music vedios, girls, java, plato, calvin, boy building, stock market, laptops, freinds, fears, oil, sukois, tarantino, religilon, jobs……


the native.


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